NFU Expresses Need for Collaborative Vision


National Farmers Union (NFU) Vice President of Government Relations Chandler Goule addressed the CAST Food-Animal Agriculture Symposium today in Washington, D.C. Goule was a member of a panel focused on the need for a collaborative vision for America’s scientific, technological and agricultural future.


“The key to success is coexistence,” said Goule. “In order for this to be achieved, agricultural organizations must realize there is a place for everyone at the table.”


As negotiations for the 2012 Farm Bill approach, and funding is going to be decreased, collaboration in the agricultural community has never been more important. Conventional or organic, small or large, U.S. farmers and ranchers must come together so all of agriculture can benefit from farm bill programs.


“End-users and consumers need to know about U.S. agriculture and how food arrives at their table,” said Goule. “Their knowledge and awareness is the key to success for farmers and ranchers across the nation.”


Agricultural communities have changed significantly. In the 1950s, 15 percent of the population was tied to the family farm within one generation. In more contemporary times, most consumers have no direct connection to farming. In order to create a unified vision for the future of America’s scientific, technological and agricultural future, it is critical that all organizations and the general public come together.


“U.S. farmers and ranchers work every day to provide a safe, reliable food source,” said Goule. “As an industry, there is a need for increased collaboration and a breakdown in divisions across the board. We must find the common ground and talk to legislators, consumers and the media about what we are doing to promote good health and being mindful of the environment.”


Source: NFU

Posted by Kaci Switzer

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