NFU Pulls To Advance TPP For Producers


National Farmers Union (NFU) Vice President of Government Relations Chandler Goule met with U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) senior-level negotiators today in San Francisco, to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and future U.S. trade agreements.


“The TPP trade negotiation is an important opportunity for the Obama administration to demonstrate its commitment to farmers, ranchers and rural America,” said Goule. “The negotiations will provide the United States a long-overdue opportunity to move away from the failed trade model of the past and lay out a new trade framework for the future.”


The meeting with USTR comes in the midst of the second round of negotiations of the eight nations involved in the TPP being held this week.


“NFU will support future trade agreements where U.S. farmers, small businesses, rural communities, workers and consumers will benefit,” said Goule. “We must hold countries to the same food safety as our own, protecting our consumers from being exposed to unsafe or adulterated food.”


NFU supports fair trade and understands the importance of international trade for the rural economy. NFU also supports the Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act sponsored by Congressman Michael Michaud, as it would require equivalent environmental, labor and food safety standards in all new trade pacts. Trade agreements must benefit domestic producers, resulting in the U.S. becoming a net exporter of food.


“We understand that trade is a necessary part of a robust agricultural economy,” said Goule. “NFU is seeking a way to expand trade opportunities while enforcing strict standards. We look forward to working with the administration on future trade agreements on behalf of U.S. farmers, ranchers and rural communities.”


Source: National Farmers Union

Posted by Kaci Switzer

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