NILE Salutes the Media and Celebrates 50 Years!


50 Years is quite a milestone and the Northern International Livestock Exposition is proud to have reached it in 2017! Back in 1967, businessmen, cattlemen and industry professionals gathered up with a vision to “Support and Embraces the future of Agriculture and the Western Way of Live”. The individuals formed an exceptional panel of insight, education and foresight. Their goals were lofty yet so well worth the effort. By supporting many of the segments in Ag and creating a platform and foundation to give youth a foothold in to the future of Agriculture was a primary focus. 


These talented, driven individuals mission remains strong today and we are proud to celebrate those segments who have allowed the NILE to reach 50 outstanding years! Half a century later the vision remains and the small livestock shows developed into an event with thousands of people celebrating the rural lifestyle. 


“Over the next twelve months, the NILE will salute the many partners who have aided in the success of this organization. Without a doubt, the success and longevity of this organization is attributed to the hard work and efforts of our many supporters. Those involved with farming and ranching are tied together with common values of hard work, and are grateful for the blessings that the land and the industry provide us all. The NILE embraces this spirit of gratitude. In November, we thank our media partners. Without the support of publications, radio, and television, the NILE would not have been able to share the story of our industry and our vision and hope for the future of agriculture. Many thanks to all of our media partners over the past 50 years that have supported, and continue to support, the NILE.”  – Jason Euell, NILE President 2016-2017


We roll into the 50th year of NILE by saluting our industry partners, founders and supporters and continuing to promote, embrace and support the future of agriculture. Hosting the PBR, the MATE and Stetsons & Stilettos prior and culminating at next year's 50th, the NILE Stock Show and Rodeo will be one for the history books. The NILE invites you to join us monthly from now until October of 2017 as we Salute and Thank those entities who have given us a foothold to grow and thrive


This month, our goal is to celebrate and thank our long time media partners for keeping the NILE message moving. Without each and every entity over the past 50 years getting the NILE word out, we would not have experienced the longevity and stay ability that is NILE. Singling out one or another would be our demise as it has taken every media outlet to share our message. While the recent addition of TV time seems the highlight, many years of print media and radio advertising captured the interest of exhibitors and visitors alike. The effective and outstanding media entities who are dedicated to promoting the NILE have created that opportunity to get the word out and let people know what happens here at NILE. To our media partners, we at NILE salute you. Thank you for your dedication, years of service, years of promotion and love for the events.

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