No Ag Classes in Your School? No Problem!!


While your grandparents or even your parents may have had to walk uphill both ways in a blizzard to get to school, getting an education is a bit different these days.  Whether you’re an adult, high school student, in middle school or home schooled, you can now get an agricultural education online!

Last year we ran a program about a brand new endeavor, the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online.  As LeRoy Nelson, the instructor and creator of the Academy told us this week, the first year was  a great success and the second year is shaping up to be even more so.

LeRoy told us the mission of the Academy.

Not having access to the agricultural education might be a result of going to a school with no agriculture programs or being home schooled.  However, these aren’t the only two sorts of students attending the Academy.  LeRoy says that anyone from middle school age to adults can take part in his program and they can be from any state!

He outlined some of the places his students are from.

If you are in school and wanting class credit for these online courses, LeRoy says that is something they’ve been very successful in getting for students.

One highlight this past year has also been the development of an FFA chapter for the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online.  Leroy says that this isn’t a club where you just pay your dues and say you’re in FFA.  He says that his students are very involved and, in fact, McKensie Keller who goes to high school in Terry was recently accepted into the National FFA Band. 

McKensie told us about what she’ll be doing in the band.

For more information on the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online, visit

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