North Dakota Tops Kansas for Wheat Crown


This article is from the Grand Forks Herald.

North Dakota again leads the nation in wheat production, besting Kansas by 15 million bushels, according to the North Dakota Wheat Commission.

It’s the second consecutive year the state beat Kansas for the crown of wheat king, the Commission reported last week, based on figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

All spring, winter and durum wheat harvested in North Dakota this year totaled 375 million bushels, just below the record — since at least 1992 — of 377 million bushels produced last year. Kansas’ crop was pegged at 360 million bushels this year, pretty much all of it hard red winter wheat; that was down from about 370 million bushels in 2009.

One of the big reasons for the increased production recently in the state, despite fewer acres planted, is jumping yields, said Fran Leiphon, a Crary, N.D., farmer who is on the board of the Wheat Commission.

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