October 2015 – Life Out West Contest – “The Real Life of a Farm Animal”


Friday, October 2nd is “World Day for Farmed Animals”. The day was created in 1983 to end the “needless suffering” of animals raised for food.


From the dayforanimals.org  website, they say “Each year, approximately 65 billion animals are killed to produce meat, eggs, and dairy. Most of these animals are raised on factory farms, where they are confined, mutilated and raised to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them literally suffer to death. Even animals raised on small family farms endure many of these abuses. Regardless of how they were raised, all animals raised for food face a gruesome slaughter.”

As a member of the press, it is Northern Ag Network's duty to provide an honest and unbiased report of the treatment of farm animals in our part of the world. In order to do so, we solicit the real life photos from our audience documenting the lives of farm animals. The photos depicted on the Day for Animals site such as those below, do not seem characteristic of the images we see out west.



Please share YOUR photos of “The Real Life of a Farm Animal”.


Congrats to our winner of the photo contest, Barbara Guy from Buffalo, MT for her great photo!  Be sure to check it and all the other photo contest entries. 

Help us discover the best representation of the life of a farm animal, and you could win tickets to the NILE PRCA Rodeo on October 17!

Please submit all photos or youtube video links to operations@northernbroadcasting.com, on Facebookcom/NorthernAgNetwork, or Twitter.com/NorthernagNet. Please include your name, where the photo was taken, and a description of the photo.


You will get to vote for the best representation of a farm animal's life by writing a comment at the bottom of this page, liking a photo, or stopping by our booth and voting at the NILE October 10-17th.


Winner will receive four tickets to the NILE PRCA rodeo on Saturday, October 17 in Billings. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 14.



Winter of 2013 at the Handy Ranch in North Eastern Montana. 




This picture was taken in April 2014, right after snow storm in NE Montana.  We were out setting bales for make shift windbreak, bedding for the new babies and of course feeding purposes. Just another moment in the life of a cattle rancher, making sure our livestock is taken care of. 

Tana Hauso-Berwick




Photo Contest Winner:  Dancer taking her favorite people, Hunter(4) and his cousin Ava(3), for a ride around the barnyard

Barbara Guy, Buffalo, MT


9. This is what our FARMED animals look like.


Cassie Smieja, Belgrade, MT [EasyDNNGallery|2810|Width|650|Height|650|position||resizecrop|False|lightbox|False|title|False|description|False|redirection|False|LinkText||]


8. Nap time in the barn. [EasyDNNGallery|2801|Width|650|Height|650|position||resizecrop|False|lightbox|False|title|False|description|False|redirection|False|LinkText||]



7. Herding Sprinkles, the bottle calf in for breakfast. [EasyDNNGallery|2804|Width|650|Height|650|position||resizecrop|False|lightbox|False|title|False|description|False|redirection|False|LinkText||]



6. The chicken was named Dora and she loved my daughter. The chicken would come up so you could hand feed her. She loved popcorn. [EasyDNNGallery|2802|Width|650|Height|650|position||resizecrop|False|lightbox|False|title|False|description|False|redirection|False|LinkText||]




5. The kitten was found abandoned on the road, the navel chord was still wet so just hours old. My sister nursed it hourly, including getting up several times at night to feed him for weeks. When she went to work, the kitten came to my house during the day so he could get fed regularly.




4. Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Montana afternoon.

Indian Creek Ranch, Huntley, MT




3. This is where my daughter spends all of her free time.

Carter Howell, Huntley, MT




2. This is Bertha the cow. She loves cake, and therefore doesn't mind people. Out feeding mineral, we introduced our son Boedy to Mrs. Bertha.

Travis Brown, Sand Springs, MT






1. Calving in February…baby needed to warm up a bit and Avery didn't mind helping her feel welcome!

Christy Hammond Gerdes, Huntley, MT




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