Online Sheep Production Course Available


Penn State Extension’s online Sheep Management and Production course has recently been completed and is now available online. The course was partially funded through a grant from the Let’s Grow Program of the American Sheep Industry Association.

The course offers eight sections – 25 hours of instruction – suitable for beginner and intermediate sheep producers. Learn the basics of sheep production and how to manage your operation, including breeds and selection, nutrition, health, grazing and marketing.

“In this self-paced course, you’ll use a combination of readings, videos and handouts to learn about the basics of sheep production,” reads the course description. “Readings will be your primary source of information. The course begins with looking at production facilities and how to design a handling system that meets your needs. Videos will teach you how to select the breed of sheep best suited for your goals and operation, how to meet the nutritional needs of your sheep, and how to manage pasture and forage. This course covers breeding and managing sheep through the reproductive cycle, as well as how to identify and correct sheep health problems. You’ll also learn effective ways to market your sheep and lamb products, and how to handle the financial planning for sheep production. Videos will teach you about pricing practices, identifying a market and direct marketing.”

The course offers a certificate of completion for those who earn 70 percent or better on the five-question quiz at the end of each chapter. Penn State is offering the course at a 50 percent discount ($49.50) for students who register through July 31. Once registered, you’ll have 60 days of access to the course material.


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