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With wildfires burning once again in our region, Montana State University extension is offering a webinar this week for fire and drought management, addressing critical issues for families and farm and ranch operations.

“Drought Management Strategies for Beef Cattle Producers” will take place on Thursday, Aug. 2. at 9:30 am and will feature MSU Extension Beef Specialist, Rachel Endecott.

Subsequent session will follow also on thursday mornings at 9:30. The MSU Extension Fire and Drought Webinar Series is free and open to the public.

To participate in the live presentation, Click Here .

Select “Enter as Guest,” type your full name in the text box, and click “Enter Room.” Audio will be broadcast through your computer speakers. The interactive webinar will last 30 minutes, followed by time for questions.

For more information about the MSU Extension Fire and Drought Webinar Series, contact Jodie Delay, MSU Extension External Relations Coordinator , at (406) 994-2502 or

Source: Montana State University-College of Agriculture

Posted by Russell Nemetz

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