Only in Montana: Driving with a Car Full of Loose Bees


MONTANA — Only in Montana.  A concern citizen called in a traffic complaint to the Montana Highway Patrol of a vehicle driving erratically with what appeared to be thousands of loose bees in the car.

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, someone called 9-1-1 late last month to report a red car driving all over the road and said bees were flying around the car.

Troopers were able to find vehicle and pulled over the driver.

The bees were identified as “Russian Honeybees.” There were five bee hives inside the car.

Officers contacted a state wildlife official who called this “a very unsafe way to transport bees,” but said the driver did not need permits to do so.

The driver was cited for careless driving and released.  

Northern Ag Network Note:  It didn't say in the police report, but we assume the guy jumped back into the bee filled car and kept on going?  How long do you suppose it took him to get all the bees out of the car once he got where he was going?  


Source:  Q13 Fox


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