Ox Bow Ranch Angus


Join the Ox Bow Ranch Wednesday March 7th for their annual registered angus bull sale at the ranch in Wolf Creek, MT. Sale time is 1:00 pm and 100 yearling Angus range bulls will sell. This is a maternal cowherd bred for generations to work in tough country.

These moderate framed, deep ribbed, easy fleshing bulls will sire efficient, high capacity, easy doing cattle, plus daughters with excellent udders.  Many of the bulls selling are suitable for use on heifers. 26 sons of Ox Bow Ozzie 3233 will sell, he's the top selling bull from the 2014 sale, a calving ease bull that sires extra performance, width and dimension. Plus sons of Coleman Charlo, Conneally Capitalist, CCA Emblazon 702, Sinclair Emulation XXP, Ox Bow Final Answer 1304.



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