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Hello Everyone, Welcome to our annual ranch production sale. I want to thank past customers for your continued support and confidence in our program. We appreciate your business and hope you can join us again this year. For those of you new to our program, I look forward to meeting you! 

I realize you can buy bulls from many sources, and I really appreciate you taking the time to evaluate our cattle. Our program isn't about creating the biggest numbers. We remain totally committed to the production of optimum Angus genetics that result in the highest possible return for the commercial cowman: moderation, fleshing ability, balance, and function in a real range environment. Our focus remains on tackling the input side of the equation when it comes to total profitability. Our combination of high accuracy, range-proven genetics and strong pedigree background result in added consistency and predictability. We rely on our cow herd’s strong Emulation influence to add structural durability, strong fertility under tough range conditions, and superior udder quality. This combination of traits results in extended herd longevity. We continue to select genetic combinations that produce balanced-trait cattle with the ability to improve your bottom line. I firmly believe that our genetics will increase pounds, improve efficiency, reduce your labor and input costs, and provide you with great replacement females. 

Our young, all ranch-raised cow herd has produced one of the strongest genetically balanced and uniform set of breeding bulls we've ever offered. They offer a tremendous balance of fertility, efficiency, maternal, performance and carcass value. These bulls will produce cattle that are moderately framed, easy fleshing, and super efficient on grass. We develop the bulls on a feed ration that ensures properly conditioned, sound individuals that will give you years of service. 

Once again, George Marcy is on board to help with the management of the sale. George will be arriving several days prior to the sale. He and I will both be on hand to take your calls and help you evaluate our offering prior to sale day. I also encourage you to make plans to visit us in the days prior to the sale to check out our cow herd. Give me a call and I will be here to take you through the herd and talk cows. 

We hope to see you at our sale on March 4th. If you are unable to attend the sale due to time, weather, or distance, please remember you can bid live on the phone on Northern Livestock Video Auction or Bill Pelton’s conference call. Please see details on the next page. Remember to check our website prior to the sale for video, additional data updates and sale order. Give us a call. Buy with confidence; we stand behind our cattle. I trust you will find great genetic value for your dollar spent. 

If I can be of any assistance please feel free to call or e-mail. Hope to see you at the sale! 

Best regards,

Ken Cook

Manager, Ox Bow Ranch

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