Pasture Management Workshop, Billings MT


Rangeland Pasture Workshop  June 14, 2016 1pm -5pm



Dr. Emily Glunk, Extension Forage Specialist and Assistant Professor at Montana State University, will be presenting at a Pasture Management Workshop organized by Yellowstone County Agent, Steve Lackman. This workshop will focus on hands-on learning activities, including a pasture walk to evaluate grazing management, plant management, and methods of improving pasture production.


Topics covered will include: species selection for dryland and irrigated pastures, defoliation responses of plants, pasture establishment and interseeding, weed management, principles of grazing management and prevention of over-grazing, as well as how to monitor pasture performance. This workshop will focus on introduced pasture forage species only, rather than native range pastures, as there are major differences in management of both types of pasture forages.


Additionally, Dr. Megan Van Emon, Extension Beef Specialist and Assistant Professor in Miles City, will be speaking on supplementing animals while on pasture, and how differences in pasture composition and performance may impact supplementation strategies. 


The workshop will take place at the Becker farm located at 7650 Cormier Rd just south of Billings. Take the South Billings Blvd. Exit off of I-90 and go south past the Briarwood golf course to mile marker 9.  This will be the corner of Blue Creek Road and Cormier Road.  Participants are asked to bring a folding chair.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact Agriculture Agent, Steve Lackman, at 256-2828. 

Source:  MSU Yellowstone County Extension

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

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