Pesticide Labels Off Containers, On Internet?


The American Farm Bureau Federation is in yet another fight with EPA.  This one is over a tentative proposal to post pesticide labels on the internet and possibly take them off of containers.

AFBF’s Tyler Wegmeyer says EPA’s proposal is not yet in formal rulemaking.  However, a preliminary comment period ends next Tuesday.

Wegmeyer suggests that the idea is impractical.

EPA argues internet distribution would boost label compliance and also speed updates

Wegmeyer argues that assuming farmers will have access to the internet is just not practical.


In a separate storyline, Wegmeyer says the courts have still not ruled on an EPA request for a 6-month extension of the April 9th deadline to issue new clean water act permits for pesticides.  The states are waiting on the federal permit in order to develop their own.

NOTE:  We are currently searching to find where the EPA is taking comments on this proposal.  That will soon be posted here.


Posted by Haylie Shipp


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