Phillips County Rancher Attends All 100 Years of the County Fair


This past week the Phillips County fair which is held in Dodson Montana, celebrated its 100th continuous year,  making it the oldest fair in the state. In the last century, the fair has seen many changes and In its early years, the Phillips county fair was not held in the summer, but in the fall months, and one Phillips county rancher has been going every year to the fair since 1915. Everall Holman will turn 100 in just a few weeks and he shared with me a little about the changes he has seen at the fair. 


Everall: Its cleaned up allot in the last few years and taken good care of the fair. it seems it gets cleaner every year. 

Lane: Back in the day they didn't have big rides? 

Everall: Oh well they had a merry go round and ferris wheel. as they go on they see what it needs. the parking is good now too. 

Lane:  Everall and his family played a huge role in the seed stock industry- many producers bought many bulls from the Holman Hereford ranch. Auctioneer Cliff Rustad even mentioned that for the 4H livestock sale during the fair, it became a tradition for the Holman brothers to be the first bidders the start of the auction. Everall even mentioned that the prices and breeds of cattle have changed over time. 

Everall: You know gosh they make 80 90 cents and today they start the steers at 2 bucks. 

Lane: That's a big jump. 

Everall: I thank everyone, I turn 100 here shortly, but they let me  in for free today. so I saved a whole dollar. I have to thank them for that. 


Lane: It truly was a fantastic centennial celebration there in Dodson. that's where my family has ranched for many generations. I hope to one day have future generations of my family still involved in agriculture in Phillips county and for them to see the 200th Phillips county fair.

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