Phillips County Rancher to Serve as Fish and Wildlife Commission Chair

by Andy Schwab

During an early April meeting, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission welcomed the newly Governor-appointed commissioners, Brian Cebull, Patrick Tabor, K.C. Walsh, and Montana Stockgrowers Association’s (MSGA) second vice president, Lesley Robinson.

The five-member Commission is appointed by the Governor from five geographical districts. Members serve staggered four-year terms. The Commission sets fish and wildlife regulations, approves property acquisitions, and approves certain rules and activities of the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department as provided by statute.

Lesley Robinson is a fourth generation Phillips County rancher and was elected this past fall to serve as the second vice president of MSGA. She and her husband have a commercial cow/calf and yearling operation and their ranch is checkerboarded with public lands. The Robinson ranch has also participated in the Block Management Program for many years.

“MSGA is thrilled to have Lesley serving as the chair of the Commission,” said Jim Steinbeisser, MSGA President. He added, “Our organization has long advocated for the importance of landowner representation on the Commission and those who are actively involved in agriculture. Lesley will bring both those perspectives. Not only does she bring extensive knowledge related to public hunting but has been involved with wildlife management issues, predator management issues, and a variety of agency programs,”

MSGA members and leadership testified on behalf of Robinson during her senate confirmation hearings in March. Individuals shared praise surrounding her experience and knowledge of issues related to the Fish and Wildlife Commission.



MSGA – 2021

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