PLC Says “NO” to Wild Lands Secretarial Order


Members of the Public Lands Council are in Washington, D.C. for their Annual Legislative Conference.  This is a time for the group to visit about priority issues and then take those topics to the policymakers and their staff. 

No surprise this year is that one of those hot topics is Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s Secretarial Order 3310 (read it here).  This order, which was issued just before this past Christmas, directs the BLM to designate areas with wilderness characteristics under is jurisdiction of Wild Lands and to then manage those lands to protect their wilderness values.

Brenda Richards from Idaho is the Secretary/Treasurer for the Public Lands Council.  She called us from Washington D.C. Tuesday evening.

Brenda told us that the Public Lands Council did approve interim policy while in D.C. this week asking for Secretarial Order 3310 to be rescinded and asking for absolutely no funding to go towards implementation of the Order.

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