Prime Rib Cooking Class, Billings MT


Excited to learn from local talent how to prepare a delicious Prime Rib Dinner? Here's a little more about David…




Executive Chef David Maplethorpe’s road to becoming a chef began with a political science degree from the University of the Pacific.

Instead of politics, Maplethorpe decided to follow his passion to create great food and trained in the French style, working with a French chef in Denver for board and room. Maplethorpe continued his education with the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and Napa Valley, CA.

But Maplethorpe believes that most of the important training for a chef happens on the job.

“Kids that come out of culinary schools think they are chefs and they are not. I feel that on the job you are surrounded by information. You just have to absorb it.”

Maplethorpe said his greatest honor was when the National Cattleman’s Beef Association named the Rex, Maplethorpe and owner Gene Burgad, as the 2007 National Beef Backer Award for Innovator of the Year.

“We went up against 2,000 other restaurants at that time,” Maplethorpe said.

Maplethorpe said his specialty at The Rex is no-frills beef. The top sellers at The Rex are the prime rib and the garlic roasted filet.

“We use all certified Angus beef. We’ve been licensed for it since 1998,” Maplethorpe said.

“You just have to do things from the heart,” Maplethorpe said. 
(via The Billings Gazette)

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