Raider Beef Program: Ranchers Feeding and Educating a Community



The Cheyenne County Farm Bureau's Raider Beef Program is working to provide local beef, from local producers, to the Cheyenne County School District. Tyson Narjes along with other ranchers and the Nebraska Farm Bureau are working to save the school district money and provide fresh, healthy beef. In the end, the goal is to save the school money and to help create an agricultural education and FFA program in the school district.

One of the challenges for the program has been getting the word out, and getting non-agricultural people in the school districts to get on board with why the program is beneficial not only for the school district, but to the students, and the community as well.  

Cheyenne County Farm Bureau was recognized by the American Farm Bureau Federation for innovative program ideas in this year’s County Activities of Excellence (CAE) Awards at AFBF’s 97th Annual Convention this January.  

Cheyenne County Farm Bureau was honored in the category of “Education and Promotion” for their Red Raider’s Beef Program. After seeing a similar idea work within the Morrill County Farm Bureau, county leaders tailored the program and created the Cheyenne County Red Raider’s Beef Program.

“We donated beef that was produced locally and that was donated by farmers and ranchers in Cheyenne County to our public schools for their school lunch programs. It was a win-win situation for our schools and the ranchers in our County Farm Bureau,” Tyson Narjes, president of the Cheyenne County Farm Bureau said.

“This program ultimately helped students understand that the meat they eat every day at school comes from ranches in the area. It engages good conversation about food with their parents, overall, it is an effective agriculture education program,” Narjes said.

“Crops and livestock grown and raised by farmers and ranchers end up on the table of today’s consumer. This program connects with consumers about the food that we grow. Consumer engagement is the key for us to be successful on our farms and in our communities,” Narjes said



Source:  Nebraska Farm Bureau and Northern Ag Network



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