Ranchers Helping Ranchers: Hay Coming from All Over the U.S.


News Channel 10 reports: 

Farmers and ranchers across the panhandle are now having to rebuild, as the fires took land and livestock. Now people from all around the country are lending a helping hand.

This week's wildfires have taken land, cattle, homes and lives. But they have not taken people's spirits. Thousands of donated bales of hay are making it to the panhandle to feed cattle, as pasture has been destroyed.

“If you run cattle, you have to have the pasture,” says Lance Weaver with Capital Farm Credit. “When we don't get rain, we don't have grass and when fire comes through it devastates the earth, we don't have anything to feed the cattle. So we've had a lot of producers in fact there's one right now that are donating hay from various different places in the state as well as outside of the united states to help get these guys and their cattle back fed so that they don't lose their livelihood.”

“There is thousands of bales of hay here that have come in in the last 24 hours. Crews tirelessly coming off of fires, coming and volunteering their time to even unload this. And it's coming in from all over,” says Gray County Commissioner Gary Willoughby.

Many of these people donating do not want recognition, they just want to make sure the ag family can rebuild. 


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Source:  Channel 10 News.com



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