Refreshing the Endangered Species Act


The recent announcement of the nations first and only grizzly bear expert Chris Servheen retiring after 35 years is raising questions about the Endangered Species Act.  Servheen stated that he felt the species has recovered enough for him to retire. The grizzly bear currently remains protected under the Act and talks about delisting the grizzly have begun.  There are up to 1,700 grizzly bears in the west, with most in Montana and Wyoming.

In a recent house oversight and government reform committee interior subcommittee hearing last month, a panel of witnesses said they believe many species currently being protected by the Endangered Species Act don't need it, and the reason these animals remain on the list is due to money.  

While in Washington D.C last week, Lane Nordulund spoke with Ethan Lane, Executive Director of the Public Lands Council on reforming the ESA. 




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photo credit: Yellowstone National Park

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