Report Drought Conditions in Your Area

by Colter Brown

As drought conditions continue to intensify across the region, many farmers and ranchers may feel like there’s not much that can be done. While we can’t make it rain, producers can help by reportions conditions in their area.

There have been some concerns that the drought monitor is not an accurate representation of what’s happening on the ground. But ag producers can improve its accuracy by self-reporting. Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to describe current conditions and impacts and send in pictures as well. It may not seem like much but reporting drought conditions can help reflect the reality of the situation to agency staff and lawmakers.

Drought has a huge effect on the local and statewide economies, so in Montana the Governor’s Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee has assembled a short questionnaire for reporting drought impacts.

The information is used to investigate trends and will help inform potential responses to the drought condition. Producers are encouraged to complete the form more than once to report changing conditions.

Click here to access the Drought Impact Reporter to report conditions in your area.

Check out the weekly drought monitor report here.



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