Rescue Horses Helping Those in Need


Angel Horses is a unique human service organization that provides positive physical and emotional stimulus to our senior community (with special attention to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s), at-risk youth, special needs children and individuals and families affected by cancer, through the use of rescued animals such as horses, donkeys, dogs and cats in a therapeutic environment. The services that Angel Horses offers fill a void that other organizations and therapeutic riding groups in the area do not.

Horses used in the program are rescues. Some have been neglected and abused; others have grown too old to serve the way they used to and so they become disposable. These horses deserve better. Angel Horses gives these horses a second chance at life by giving them a loving home and a job!

This week Jonnie Jonckowski joined the Northern Ag Network’s Russell Nemetz on television to talk about a special fundraiser event in Billings, MT on August 25, 2012.

Source: Northern Ag Network

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