Riding Hard to the World’s Fair



In 1964, Montanans from across the state saddled up to create a “Centennial Train” to take Montana’s pride and story to the World’s Fair in New York. The train had horses, wagons, Montana Historical Society museum exhibit cars, hunting and fishing cars and much more. They held parades and shows at major cities along the way, and put Montana on the tourism and business map. 

In this photo, Howard Kelsey is at the left, Jack Hume is on the front of the engine, and Judy Morstein is at the right. You might know Judy better by her married name of Martz. She went on to become the first woman governor of Montana. 


MHS Photo Archives Pac 86-15 C-7-363 


Northern Ag Network Note: The official guide for the 1964 World Fair had this to say about Montana's exhibit:

“'The Big Sky Country' mounts an exhibit full of the fire and spirit of the western frontier. At the heart of the exhibit are seven railroad show cars, parked on a rail siding and painted on the outside with 16-foot murals of Western scenes by Montana artist Lyman A. Rice. Three of the cars house a museum, another displays a collection of cattle brands, and the remainder contain shops. Also on the grounds are two corrals, two log forts and some Indians.

Admission: $1.00 to the museum railroad cars; other cars and areas free.”

Click Here to see the 1965 Fair Guide Book Description. 


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