Rivers May Rise, but Nothing Stops these Cowgirls!


Women are bound and determined to get where they need to go no matter the circumstances. This photograph shows Janet and Mabel Williams and a woman identified only as “Miss Keeler” as they cross the Yellowstone mounted on their horses on the Fallon Ferry at the turn of the last century. 

We all know how damaging and aggressive the Yellowstone can be in the spring when it is full to the brim from snow melt, now can you imagine having to find a way to cross without having access to a bridge? Although things have changed drastically in the transportation industry, you can actually still get your chance to ride a river ferry in Montana. The Virgelle Ferry is situated at the northernmost point of the Missouri river and is free to ride…but is operated at your own risk. 

Photo courtesy of Montana Historical Society. PAC 90-87 N012

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