Rural & Agriculture Council of America Launches Smart Farming Project


The Rural & Agriculture Council of America (RACA) has announced the launch of a new campaign that promotes and highlights responsible modern agricultural production practices. The U.S. Food and Habitat Coalition (USFHC), comprised of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural professionals with a passion for responsible food production, aims to ensure food security and protect habitat diversity for future generations.

The Coalition provides a voice for agriculture producers and land managers that are passionate about this effort and place particular emphasis on the importance of food security, smart farming practices, and conservation agriculture.

RACA Vice President Chris Skorupa issued the following statement:

“We’re excited to launch this new project to amplify the efforts already underway by U.S. farmers and ranchers in building an agriculture industry that is not only sustainable for future generations of producers, but that also takes into account ecosystem health.”

“We look forward to engaging and collaborating with industry leaders on this effort. There will be multiple opportunities to get involved so be sure to follow the Coalition on Facebook and Twitter at @foodandhabitat to be the first to know about events, outreach, and other updates.”

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