Safflower Technologies Providing Farmers New Options


Recently there has been an emergence of oil seed crops being planted across the region giving producers new varieties of crops to plant and alternative options for wheat rotation.   A  major factor that has held up the expansion and adoption of oil seed crops has been producers finding it difficult to source seed and a place to sell the crops.  

Northern Ag’s Lane Nordlund recently interviewed Dan Story with Safflower Technologies International, a company that is working fill that marketing gap.  Safflower Technologies International is working to provide growers a place to purchase and sell their oil seed crops across Montana and North Dakota.  Also interviewed was Henry Hollenbeck, a rancher from Molt, MT, on how he utilizes oil seed crops on his ranch.


The members of Safflower Technologies International, LLC (STI) have nearly 30 years of safflower plant breeding, research, and production experience.   If you are interested in learning more about this company’s seed breeding programs or any of their other services, be sure to check out their website at



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