Scanning the Ground for Snakes? Look up!


Bullsnakes are the largest snake to be found throughout much of our region and, while they can reach a length of up to 7 feet, they’re generally found in that 3 to 5 foot range.  Their diet often consists of rodents which makes them a welcome, although disconcerting, guest.  “Nonvenomous” is the most important word when dealing with these creatures, but they can pack a wallop of bite that will hurt, bleed and carry a major infection risk if not taken care of properly.

Enough about their biology!  If you’re used to scanning the ground for the creatures, think again.  These pictures captured by Sylvan Walden on the old Walt Collins place near Fort Peck Lake’s Rock Creek show your attention needs to be pointed upward as well!


© Northern Ag Network 2011

Haylie Shipp


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