Second Oregon Wolf Taken to Protect Cattle


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A second wolf has been killed by authorities in northeastern Oregon in an attempt to stop attacks on cattle there.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said a young female from the Imnaha pack was shot on private land Wednesday night, and the alpha male for the pack was captured and fitted with a new radio-tracking collar.

“We hope the experience discourages the alpha male from returning to this area,” department wolf coordinator Russ Morgan said in a statement.

The department says the wolf they shot was with four other wolves from the Imnaha pack in an area that has seen wolf attacks on livestock.

It comes after another calf was found killed by a wolf this week.

The department said it has no immediate plans to capture or kill any more wolves in the area.

Oregon has taken over management of wolves moving into the state since Congress lifted U.S. Endangered Species Act protections for packs introduced in Idaho starting in the 1990s.

Source:  The Associated Press

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