Semi Plows Through Cattle Herd Being Moved Down Highway


8/27/2015 UPDATE:  According to Lt. Farman of Wyoming Highway Patrol, the driver of the semi truck was cited for speed too fast for conditions.  Northern Ag Network spoke with State Trooper Daniel Walker who confirmed that vehicles with flashers had been used to warn approaching motorists of the herd up ahead on the highway, but the semi apparently didn't heed them or couldn't slow down in time.  At least 18 cattle were killed, with more that may need to be put down.  There was also concern that some of the surviving cows may lose their calves from the stress.  


LOVELL, Wyo. – A cattle drive of about 90 head was traveling down 14A east of the causeway near Lovell on Tuesday when a semi hit the herd.

“Semi hit and killed 12 cows. Injured a half dozen more on 14A,” said Jeff Running. “Traffic at standstill while wreckers work to remove semi and debris from scene. Possible case of distracted driving. No people hurt.”

REBOOT reports that Lt. Philip Farman of Wyoming Highway Patrol said the incident is under investigation and that the number of dead cows could not immediately be verified.

“I don’t know the number of cows killed or injured. It was quite a few,” Farman said. “Ninety head is what they were driving. So it’s going to be a few.”

Nor could WHP yet verify the possible case of distracted driving.

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Source:  REBOOT and Q2



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