Senate to Vote of GMO Labeling Bill Tomorrow


National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) reports: 

The National Corn Growers Association urges all farmers to contact their senators and ask for their support of the Roberts-Stabenow agreement on GMO labeling. An important vote on this legislation is scheduled for Wednesday. 

It is imperative that all those desiring a common-sense, federal solution to the growing threat of a patchwork of state labeling laws act now to ensure swift passage.

The Roberts-Stabenow agreement brings continuity to the marketplace, ensuring that consumers have the access to product information they deserve without stigmatizing this safe, proven technology valued by American farmers.

The need for Congressional action is real and urgent. State labeling mandates threaten to confuse consumers, drive up costs and significantly complicate the jobs of American farmers. 

A patchwork of differing state labeling laws, each with their own requirements and exemptions, will increase consumer uncertainty, not resolve it, and be unworkable for America's food producers. 

Some food companies fearful of having to navigate a patchwork of state mandates have already reformulated their products away from GMO ingredients. If Congress does not act, more can be expected to do so and farmers could lose access to a safe, proven technology they rely on. 

Act now! Dial 1-888-464-6633 and tell your senator to support the Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling agreement.



Source:  National Corn Growers Association

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