Senator Daines speaks at John Deere Ag Expo to 1000 FFA members


by Allie Nelson, Development Assistant, 


A little different “blue and gold” descended upon Bozeman, November 12th through the 14th, in the form of 1,545 Montana FFA members, 4-H members, advisors and guests.  For the fourth year in a row, the John Deere Agriculture Expo was a success! Three days were packed with providing students the opportunity to compete in Career Development Events, tour through MSU campus, and participate in elite leadership conferences.

The event kicked off with a special Thursday night dinner featuring John Knokey, an MSU grad who obtained his masters at Harvard and Dartmouth, and now part of corporate John Deere. Ben Kaul from the Electric City FFA stated, “It was great to hear about the opportunities that will come from being a part of the agriculture industry!” The Foundation welcomed 40 special guests from around the Big Sky State including Senator Steve Daines, representatives from John Deere, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Charles Boyer, and we were honored to have Greg Gianforte, a Montana governor candidate for next election, also attending the event. The evening also provided the FFA members a chance to hear from the Montana FFA Foundation’s Executive Director-Jaime Edmundson and Board President, Curt Robbins. It is special to have such an event in Bozeman at the site of Montana’s only land grant university; the future of agriculture and FFA is bright! 



The John Deere Agriculture Exposition Livestock Judging Event is for the fourth year in a row the largest livestock judging competition in the northwestern United States with over 600 students participating from Montana and Wyoming. The event was successful because of the agriculture educators who coordinated the Career Development Events, and over 200 volunteers that served as judges and assistants throughout the week.  The Montana FFA Foundation, who coordinates the event, would like to thank corporate sponsor John Deere Dealers of Montana, site-host Montana State University, award Sponsor Farmers Union Insurance and everyone involved in making this event a success.  We look forward to seeing everyone back next year, November 15th-17th




Congratulations to this year’s John Deere Agricultural Exposition Participants and the following Career Development Event winners: 

 Junior Extemporaneous Speaking

1.      Kala Bertilino

2.      Taylor Potts

3.      Sydney Brittain

4.      Hannah Clemenson


Senior Extemporaneous Speaking

1.      Ashley Koenig

2.      Merle Infanger

3.      Nathan Wildeboer

4.      Kaitlyn Koterba


Junior Job Interview

1.      Jessica Tiry

2.      Rebecca Nelson

3.      Lexy Dietz

4.      Madison Batey

Senior Job Interview

1.      Dalton Lemburg

2.      Kyla Andres

3.      Ashley Koenig

4.      Nathan Wildeboer

Junior Creed

1.      Carson Stevenson

2.      Gracie Smith

3.      Tiffany Loder

4.      Rachel Stevenson

Senior Creed

1.      Colton Jacks

2.      Anna Slifka

3.      Cassidy Robbins

4.      Callie Zinnie

Junior Parliamentary Procedure

1.      Shepherd

2.      Plevna

3.      Park City

4.      Stevensville

Senior Parliamentary Procedure

1.      Shepherd

2.      Shepherd

3.      Stevensville

4.      Joliet

5.      Missoula


Junior Agriscience

1.      Simms

2.      Park City

3.      Joliet

Senior AgriScience

1.      Joliet

2.      Belgrade

3.      Fromberg

Junior Quiz Bowl

1.      Richey

2.      Stillwater Valley

3.      Clark’s Fork

4.      Bainville

Senior Quiz Bowl

1.      Cascade

2.      Choteau

3.      Missoula

4.      Electric City

Junior Marketing Plan

1.      Little Big Horn

2.      Choteau

Senior Marketing Plan

1.      Cascade

2.      Victor

3.      Shepherd

4.      Shepherd

Junior Ag Mechanics Individuals

1.      Jonathan Erickson

2.      Garrison Blevins

3.      Harley Flom

4.      Colton Whitney


Junior Ag Mechanics Teams

1.      Joliet

2.      Broadwater

3.      Columbus

4.      Park City

Senior Ag Mechanics Individuals

1.      Tucker Stenberg

2.      Cotten Myers

3.      Tim Martin

4.      Aiden Todd

Senior Ag Mechanics Teams

1.      Joliet

2.      Big Timber

3.      Flathead

4.      Missoula

Junior Ag Sales Individuals

1.      Kyler Coates

2.      Karter Michaels

3.      Shonel Melton

4.      Kara Orser

Junior Ag Sales Teams

1.      Shepherd

2.      Simms

3.      Joliet

4.      Shepherd

Senior Ag Sales Individuals

1.      Albert Koenig

2.      Ashley Koenig

3.      Tori North Peigan

4.      Natalie Arnott

Senior Ag Sales Teams

1.      Belgrade

2.      Little Big Horn

3.      Shields Valley

4.      Corvallis

Junior Livestock Evaluation Individuals

1.      Carson Stevenson

2.      Kadyn Braaten

3.      Joe Lackman

4.      Taylor Noyes

Junior Livestock Evaluation Teams

1.      Broadwater County

2.      Fergus of Lewistown

3.      Missoula

4.      Laurel

Senior Livestock Evaluation Individuals

1.      Josey Motichka

2.      Cole McKenney

3.      Jon Andres

4.      Hannah Kraft

Senior Livestock Evaluation Teams

1.      Missoula

2.      Flathead

3.      Broadwater

4.      Big Timber

Junior Agricultural Issues Forum

1. CJI- Chester-Joplin-Iverness Chapter

Senior Agricultural Issues Forum

1.      Cascade

2.      Conrad

3.      CJI Team A

4.      Joliet Team B


Junior Meats Individuals

1.      Kylee Bilingsley

2.      Brittany Healy

3.      Max Andres

4.      Shelby Stump

Junior Meats Teams

1.      Missoula

2.      Belgrade

3.      Shepherd

4.      Fergus of Lewistown

Senior Meats Individuals

1.      Jon Andres

2.      Dayne Erickson

3.      Krystal Sutton

4.      Ben Roeder

Senior Meats Teams

1.      Flathead

2.      Missoula

3.      Belgrade

4.      Shepherd

Junior Agronomy Individuals

1.      Carolin Roeder

2.      Zayne Songstadc

3.      Tyler Eliasson

4.      Ashley Sander

Junior Agronomy Teams

1.      Plevna

2.      Joliet

3.      Shields Valley

4.      Park City


Senior Agronomy Individuals

1.      Caitlyn Corso

2.      Chey Darkow

3.      Martje Plaggemeyer

4.      Marissa Henning

Senior Agronomy Teams

1.      Big Timber

2.      Shields Valley

3.      Flathead

4.      Clark’s Fork

Junior Horse Evaluation Individuals

1.      Laine Jones

2.      Madison Peck

3.      Jenifer Hobbs

4.      Lynda Fox

Junior Horse Evaluation Teams

1.      Shepherd

2.      Missoula

3.      Roundup

4.      Lewis and Clark County

Senior Horse Evaluation Individuals

1.      Natalie Arnott

2.      Averie Olson

3.      Sarah Peterson

4.      Albert Koenig

Senior Horse Evaluation Teams

1.      Missoula

2.      Flathead

3.      Hobson

4.      Miles City

Junior Agricultural Communications Teams

1.      Bainville

2.      St. Regis

3.      Joliet

4.      Roundup

Senior Agricultural Communications Teams

1.      Belgrade

2.      St. Regis

3.      Electric City

4.      Fergus of Lewistown


FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. 


More information regarding the Montana FFA and its events can be found at

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