Set The Record Straight On “Food Inc.”


Before this Sunday’s Oscars – the National Corn Growers Association is calling on its grower members and industry friends to get the truth about the documentary film Food Inc. The movie – which NCGA says is filled with lies, factual inaccuracies and misrepresentations about America’s farmers and food suppliers – is nominated for Best Documentary.

NCGA took language directly from the movie to conduct a fact-checking exercise using recent data from sources like the FDA and USDA – and found several examples where the filmmakers set the truth aside. So they’ve developed a factsheet to arm those in agriculture with credible and truthful information to combat the film’s arguments.

You can find the factsheet online at www dot ncga dot com slash files slash pdf slash FoodIncInformation dot pdf ( NCGA encourages you to review the facts before the Oscars are televised this Sunday night and then help spread the information. E-mail your contacts, pen a letter to the editor, send it to local press people or write about it on Facebook – just get the word out.

Source: NCGA-Posted by Russell Nemetz

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