Soil Health Workshop, Baker MT


Soil Health Workshop 


Ann Fischer
406-778-2238 ext. 109

Location: Baker, Montana

Soil Health Workshop
Baker, MT
August 30th & 31th, 2016

August 30th
8:00-8:45 Registration
Load buses-Travel to Burdick’s
No-till, continuous crops, crop rotation and cover crops for forage…including findings from irrometer (field moisture) demonstration.
Discussion on photosynthesis, plant response and nutrient needs in all land uses
Discussion on management techniques to affect desired changes
Dr. Will Brinton, PhD, Environmental Scientist and founder of Woods End Soil Lab in Mount Vernon, Maine
Jay Fuhrer, Soil Health Specialist, Bismarck, ND (invited)
Composting (optional)
Making and using compost and how to use Solvita Compost to measure carbon-dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) which are the two most common gases released during composting. – Dr. Brinton and Jay Fuhrer

August 31st
8:30 AM Load busses-
9:30 Hayden’s
A holistic system using a high density grazing system with long recovery periods. Using native bale grazing to rehabilitate scabby areas, large capacity water systems and electric fencing techniques are some of the management tools we’ll be discussing.
“Managing for Soil Health is like Managing for Rumen Health” Elin Kittelmann, Fallon/Carter County Extension Agent
Dr. Brinton- discussion on soil health and monitoring.
Heather Nenninger, Range and Wildlife Conservationist
NRCS/MACD, Forsyth, MT will be on hand to discuss prairie birds and their preferred ecosystems.

12:30 Jay Fuhrer (invited)- Tying it all together. How does what we’ve seen and heard change how we can operate as planners and/or producers.

3:00 Arrive at fairgrounds and call it a day!

Registration required: Yes

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