Some 60 head of cattle shot in Northern Nevada


Ranchers estimate the value of the animals killed or injured so far may exceed $250,000

Article by Martin Griffith, Associated Press

RENO — Nevada ranchers are offering a $20,600 reward after the shootings of some 60 head of cattle across Northern Nevada since mid-summer.

Ten of the animals were killed and many of the rest were maimed or seriously wounded, said Ron Torell, president of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association.

The latest case was discovered Wednesday, he said, and the toll could climb as ranchers continue their fall removal of cattle from public rangelands.

The shooting spree has occurred in remote areas over a wide swath of northern Nevada stretching between the Winnemucca and Wells areas.

“This kind of vandalism is nothing new, but in this number it’s quite unique,” Torell told The Associated Press. “We’ve had pockets of similar shootings in the past, but certainly not over such a widely scattered area.”

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Source:  Associated Press

Posted by Jami Howell

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