South Central KS Wheat Looking Good


Emma Misener, a custom harvester with Misener Family Harvesters, just left the reality of a diminished wheat crop in Oklahoma and says that they are now cutting much better wheat in Andale, Kansas.  Andale is in south central Kansas.

Emma describes the trip from Oklahoma to Kansas and the moisture content of the wheat they’re now cutting.

Emma said that they just finished a field a short while back outside of Andale that yielded 50 bushels per acre.  She says that 45 to 50 is pretty average there.  They’ll be in Andale for another week to 10 days.  After that, they will move to Gregory, South Dakota.  But, she says that knowing how green the wheat will be there, they may pick up some more acres in Kansas.

Emma is one of this year’s correspondents for the All Aboard Wheat Harvest Tour, an effort sponsored by DuPont and the High Plains Journal so that folks across the country can get an up-to-date, from the combine look at the ongoing wheat harvest.  For more information about the Tour, visit their website.

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Haylie Shipp


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