Spring Planting Checklist from Your Cenexpert


by Andrew Hamilton, CHS Director of Marketing for Lubricants


As this year’s long, hard winter comes to a close, most of us are anxiously awaiting spring and everything that comes with it. Sunshine, warm weather and green grass will be a welcome break for everyone who fought through this winter’s polar vortex.


Farmers, you know that spring means your busy planting season has arrived. There are things you can do now, before the snow melts and the ground thaws, to save yourself time and headache when your fields are ready for planting. Below are some basic maintenance tips you can take care of now to ensure your equipment is ready to get to work.


 – Clean your equipment. Make sure that all your machinery is clean and free of debris from last year’s planting and harvesting seasons. Pay close attention to any moving parts and equipment that goes into the ground to ensure there’s nothing blocking or hindering movement.


 – Check and change the fluids. You know your equipment works hard during planting season, so it’s very important to protect your tractor’s moving parts. Before you take to the fields, check and change your oil. CHS offers a variety of high-quality oils specifically designed for tractors. Cenex® Superlube TMS® and Maxtron® DEO are heavy-duty diesel engine oils that provide superior wear protection.


Also check hydraulic, transmission and brake fluids. For tractors with a centralized lubrication system, Cenex Maxtron® THF is a great all in one synthetic blend hydraulic, transmission, differential, wet brake and power steering fluid.


 – Apply greases. Your equipment must move easily, despite heavy, tough conditions. By applying greases to metal joints, you can help reduce friction and prevent equipment damage this season. Cenex offers a variety of grease products designed to perform in extreme temperatures and wet conditions. Check out Blue Gard® 500+™ and ML 365® Grease.


 – Plan for fuel. Get to know which high-quality fuels are available at your local co-op. Many fuels, like Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Soy-Enhanced Premium Diesel Fuel are specially designed for newer diesel engine technologies, like those found in Tier 4 equipment. Among its many benefits, Ruby Fieldmaster® boosts lubricity, increases power and improves fuel economy.


 – Read the manual. Whether your equipment is new to you or not, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on the owner’s manual.


For more information about Cenex oils, fuels and lubricants, visit www.cenex.com. Have a safe and productive planting season.



Andrew manages the CHS branded lubricant products. Outside of the office, he enjoys watching his sons play sports, working on houses with his wife, skiing, playing golf and scuba diving. Click here to learn more about Andrew and the other CHS Cenexperts®.





Source:  CHS 

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