SRM Land Stewardship Award Created Thanks to Montana Rancher

by Colter Brown

The Society for Range Management (SRM) recently established the Chuck Jarecki Rancher Land Stewardship Award thanks to a generous donation by its namesake, Montana rancher Chuck Jarecki. The award was created to recognize ranch operators who demonstrate outstanding rangeland stewardship and contribute to the ranching profession through local, state, and national service. Since SRM’s formation in 1948, ranchers have played a critical role in the organization and those who exemplify the founding principles of SRM will now have the opportunity to be recognized for their dedication to the land.

“If you are like most ranchers, you are a livestock manager plus a steward of the land,” Jarecki said. “I believe each is of equal importance.”

As a SRM life member, joining in 1967, Jarecki found much benefit in his membership including learning opportunities, research promotion, and connection with other like-minded range enthusiasts. He led the International Mountain Section of SRM, served on the Society’s Board of Directors, and was instrumental in creating an Endowment Development Fund. His recent gift to SRM was just one more example of his devotion to not only the Society but the stewardship of rangelands based on sound ecological principles – a pillar of SRM’s mission.

“For more than 50 years Chuck Jarecki has been a leader in SRM and it is with much appreciation that we accept the generous endowment that he has donated to develop this new Rancher Land Stewardship Award in his name,” SRM 1st Vice President Karen Hickman said. “While working with Chuck through the development of this award it became very clear to me that his drive to recognize excellence in land stewardship is only one aspect of his contribution to rangeland management and the SRM. We are so fortunate to have members like Chuck who want to provide more opportunities for excellent range management to be recognized.”

The Chuck Jarecki Rancher Land Stewardship Award will be a cash award whose recipient is an active ranch owner or operator with a lengthy record of successful ranch management. Evaluation of award candidates will be generally based on evidence of rangeland stewardship practices, including effective grazing, soil, vegetation, noxious weed, and fish/wildlife habitat management, for example. Special consideration will be given to those who participate in community activities, especially those in service and/or leadership roles to benefit natural resources. Membership in SRM is not a requirement for award eligibility.

Nominations for the Award will open in March of 2024 and the first recipient will be honored at the 2025 SRM Annual Meeting in Spokane, Washington



Photo: Montana State University

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