Stewardship In Farming



The  Mosaic Company understands that mineral resources are finite and therefore the efficient extraction, processing and use of phosphate and potash are extremely important to ensure sustainability for the world's farmers. Land stewardship is a top priority in this endeavor, as important habitat functions must be maintained to make this extraction possible.

Mosaic is committed to restoring the land and, where possible, leaving the land in better condition than we found it. To do this, Mosaic's environmental team of experts — including ecologists, hydrologists and environmental engineers — work to develop a plan to recreate a thriving natural environment on the surface as quickly as possible after mining. Before the first bucket of phosphate can be mined, a plan for the reclamation of disturbed areas must be developed and approved by regulatory authorities.

Dr. Ross Bender, Senior Agronomist with The Mosaic Company, discusses the important role agriculturists play in conserving the land and natural resources that are used to produce food and fiber. He also shares insight on the products that Mosaic provides producers to be successful.



The Mosaic Company and Northern Ag Network



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