Sugar Beet and Spring Wheat Planting Surge Ahead


While a small electrical fire at the USDA headquarters pushed the release of the weekly crop progress report back a touch, it only took a day longer to realize just how far ahead we really are with planting this spring.

In Montana, 12{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of the durum wheat is in the ground at a time when there is normally not a stitch planted.  Twenty-three percent of spring wheat has been planted.  This compares to the five-year average of 8{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0}.  Twenty percent of sugar beets have also been planted.  See full report…

In Wyoming, barley planting is nearing its final stages.  As of this past Sunday, 79{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of the crop was planted and 36{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} had already emerged.  The five-year average is to have a wee 5{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} breaking ground at this time.  Seventeen percent of the states spring wheat had been planted as well as 18{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of sugar beets.  See full report…

South Dakota has gone leaps and bounds with spring wheat planting.  A whopping 83{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of the crop had already been seeded as of this Sunday.  That compares to a five-year average of just 13{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0}.  Barley, at 60{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} seeded, is also far, far ahead of the 6{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} five-year average.  See full report…

In North Dakota, it is a completely different picture this year than last.  While much moisture was still covering the ground in 2011, 27{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of the spring wheat crop is already in this year.  Sixteen percent of durum wheat has also been planted, up from the five year average of 1{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0}.  See full report…

During the spring, these crop progress numbers are released on a weekly basis.  They come from data accumulated through the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.


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Haylie Shipp


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