Superior Livestock Auction held their 4th annual Big Sky Roundup in Billings, MT at the Northern Hotel on June 26th. The ballroom was full of ranchers eagerly, or cautiously, anticipating what their calves would be worth.

The sale of course featured a lot of cattle from Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. It started out with some heavier 8 and 9 weight feeders and right off the bat it became evident that the program cattle (those that are GAP certified, natural, or NHTC) were going to lead the way. That combined with limit-up feeder cattle futures seemed to give a shot of optimism to the crowd.

Northern Ag Network’s Colter Brown caught up with Superior Livestock Auction’s President Danny Jones to get his thoughts on the sale.



The vast majority of the calves sold from our region were in the 500 to 650-pound weight range and most of them were enrolled in some type of program. The sale did seem to show a bit more strength than the previous video sale but some sellers were hoping for more. Those program calves sold for fall delivery appeared to bring a 10 to 15 dollars premium to their more traditional counterparts. Buyers also seemed to prefer those calves that were in several different programs to those that were just in 1 or 2. A number of sellers did no sell their calves, especially towards the end of the sale.

Below is the breakdown of how cattle from Northern Ag Network country sold on the sale. To see the full results and find the details for Superior Livestock Auction’s next sale visit their website at


PAYS, MT - 11/8 - 4,140 Head

450-500 lb SteersSteady to +5169 - 177
500-550 lb SteersSteady152 - 162
550-600 lb SteersSteady150 - 153.50
600-650 lb SteersSteady145 - 152.50
650-700 lb SteersSteady142.50 - 147
700-750 lb Steers-3137 - 145

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