Task Force: No Collector Line Eminent Domain


No use of eminent domain for collector lines in the Cowboy State!  That’s the decision out of a Wind Energy Task Force meeting on Thursday.  They voted 5-4 to deny the power of eminent domain to private companies building so-called collector lines for wind projects in the state.  The task force’s recommendations go to the Legislature, which would have to approve any change in state eminent domain law.

Northern Ag spoke with Jim Magagna from the Wyoming Stock Growers about the decision. 

He was at the meeting Thursday and told us that this is a very good starting point.

Jim also told us that the joint judiciary committee met two weeks ago and adopted the position that wind rights should not be severable from the surface of the land.  Jim says that is a widely accepted position and one that the Wyoming Stock Growers Association supports.  By passing in committee, that will now also go forward to the Legislature at the beginning of next year.


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Haylie Shipp


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