They Haven’t Forgotten: Hay, Supplies to Help Ranchers Keep Coming


Woodward News reports: 

It is now nearly two months after Northwest Oklahoma residents sat up late on Monday March 6th listening to the radio stations give minute-by-minute details on the status of three deadly fires sweeping the region.

A person driving in some of these areas now could be fooled by the new growth of rich green grass in some areas and think, “Oh, they are over it. The worst is behind them.”

But a simple drive further off the highways and up into the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles as well as Southern Kansas is all it takes to tell the real story.

But several groups of northern and northeastern farmers and ranchers don't need proof. They have seen hard times and continue to reach deeply into their reserves to help people affected by the fires. And they are doing so on the eve of their valuable planting time for warm season crops.

Once again, Oklahoma Agriculture Food and Forestry Secretary Jim Reese made the trip back up to the Oklahoma Panhandle to greet the latest long-haul donators and thank them for their care. He also took the time to offer a short presentation while the Ohio guests dined at the Knowles Community Center and to help answer some questions about the fire. He was assisted by local rancher Britt Hilton, whose ranch had more than 39,000 acres scorched to the sand and lost 150 miles of fencing.

Efforts continue statewide to assist ranchers who look up from their last eighth of a mile of fencing they completed only to see miles and miles ahead of land that now, is by and large unimproved. Reese also tried to thank others.


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Source:  Woodward News



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