Top Twelve Teams Compete in the Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE


Billings, MT–The Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE is Saturday, October 13 at 7 p.m. in Billings, Montana. Twelve of the top teams beat out dozens of other teams in events this summer to make it here–to the Metra. Under the lights, instant replay on big screens, and the huge crowd.


A ranch rodeo is different than a prorodeo in several aspects. A ranch rodeo has all teams, there are no individual competitors. Teams are made up of four to five people. Teams are allowed to have a fifth person on their team, only if that one person rides broncs. Teams are made up of men, women, and sometimes kids.


The events are different too, instead of barrel racing, and steer wrestling, there is trailer loading, branding, doctoring, and wild cow milking. Both types of rodeos do have bronc riding, but in a ranch rodeo the riders use the same saddle they would use for a broke horse. Prorodeo bronc riders have special saddles that are specifically for bucking horses. The use of the night latch is permitted in ranch rodeos and outlawed in prorodeo. A night latch is a piece of rope or leather secured to the saddle that can be held on to making staying on the bronc easier.


Several of the teams that qualified this year have made it to the NILE in the past. Some teams are brand new to the NILE circuit. The Hamilton Ranch qualified twice and two new sanctioned ranch rodeos. Sand Springs Cattle Co., Cow Camp Supply, Bootheel 7 Livestock, Dragging Y Cattle Co., Broken Arrow Livestock, 4 3 Ranch, Reid Ranch, and Steppler Ranch have made an appearance at the NILE in recent years. In fact half of them were here last year.


The first place team wins approximately $3,200, buckles, products from Farstad Oil, and an invitation to go on further to the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA) Finals in Winnemucca, Nevada.


Besides the first place team there are other prestigious awards. The Top Hand award is for the cowboy or cowgirl that is the MVP. The contestant that is an essential hand and goes above and beyond to help their team. Secret judges in the crowd determine this award. The winner receives a custom saddle made by Connolly's Saddlery.


The Top Horse award is given to the rider who has an exceptional horse. This winner receives a special package from Big Sky Tack that includes: Five Star Saddle Pad, Water Bucket, Water Bucket Hanger, Hay Net, Fly Mask, Rope Halter, Lead Rope, Horse Treats, and Roping Reins. Check them out in the NILE Trading Post, booth #23.


Some days are harder than others, somethings just don't work out. That's why there's the Hard Luck team award. The team that ends up in last place gets a consolation prize because they're not a bad team, they just had tough luck on that day. This team receives beautiful, unique silk scarves from Wild Rags by Lois (check out booth #20).

Dance in the Dirt after the ranch rodeo performance–a concert by Kyle Shobe at the Walk 'Em Boys! After the contestants clear out everyone is welcome to come down to the arena floor to get up close to the stage. Concert included with ranch rodeo ticket purchase.


Kyle Shobe and the Walk 'Em Boys regularlykeep the dance floor crowded as theycombine original music with time-tested cover songs, ranging from the early days of country and rock music to more current-day genres, appealing to people of all ages.The group is comprised of talent from around central Montana.


Meet the 2018 Ranch Rodeo Teams


Sand Springs Cattle Co.

Custer Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Yellow

Hometown: Sand Springs, MT

Team Members: Clint Potts, Jason Phipps, Kary Phipps, Cedar Woodford, and Jay Phipps


Cow Camp Supply

Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Maroon

Members: Luke Hutchinson, JoBeth Hutchinson, Clay Clarke, Layne Durfee

Hometown: Fairfield, MT


Hooks Ranch

Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Pink

Members: Jace Hooks, Rachel Mitchell, Mike Lloyd, Braden Grant

Hometown: Cody, WY


Bootheel 7 Livestock

Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Black

Members: Andrew Wasserburger, Eric Wasserburger, Lance Hladky, Lane Hagemen

Hometown: Lusk, WY


Trail Creek Land & Livestock

ConneXion Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Red

Members: Justin Dixon, KEvin Campbell, Lucas Line, Colton Nielsen, Tanner Solberg

Hometown: Miles City, MT


Glasgow Stockyard

Phillips County Saddle Club Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Silver

Members: Ed Hinton, Jeret Warren, Cody Perry, Tyra Fuhrman, Dakota Gaustad

Hometown: Scobey, MT


Hamilton Ranch

Madison County Fair Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Turquoise

Members: Jaime Wood, Cameron Carroll, Sam Wood, Katie Scidmore, Jack Graham

Hometown: Twin Bridges and Sheridan, MT


Horse Creek Hay & Cattle

Wilsall Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Brown

Members: Colter Scidmore, Clay Scidmore, Joe Sandru, Justin Auger, and Joel Baer

Hometown: Sheridan, Wilsall, Twin Bridges, White Sulphur Springs, MT and Belle Fouche, SD


Broken Arrow Livestock

Wyoming State Fair Ranch Rodeo Finals

Scarf Color: Purple

Members: Travis Krein, Brandon Moody, Rusty Martin, Stetson Erickson

Hometown: Harrison, Nebraska



Photo by: Allison Williams

Four Three Land & Cattle

Wyoming State Fair Ranch Rodeo Finals

Scarf Color: White

Members: JD Williams, Boe Simmons, Clayton Williams, Clay Ashurst, Chris Laucomer

Hometown: Lusk, Wyoming


Reid Ranch

Ingomar Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Blue

Members: Justin Palmer, Kip Hunter, Brandi Hunter, Jess Reid, Stetson Merrill

Hometown: Pingree, ID


Steppler Ranch

Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo

Scarf Color: Salmon

Members: Alex Munoz, Ruben Munoz, Alberto Rico, Wayne DeWitt

Hometown: Culbertson, MT

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