Two Montana Ranchers Selected in Latest Industry Advocacy Program

by Brett McRae

Two Montana Ranchers Selected as Part of Latest Industry Spokesperson Program

Colt Coffee of Miles City and Rocky Forseth of Helena are among ten individuals that have been chosen for the second class of the Trailblazers Beef Advocacy program.

Developed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, The Trailblazers program takes advocacy to an unprecedented level by giving participants the tools and training they need to promote beef to new audiences while addressing and correcting myths.

Upon joining the advanced advocacy program, Trailblazers serve as industry spokespeople and inform beef advocates at the local and state levels on advocacy, media, and spokesperson best practices. Every year, ten new Trailblazers are accepted into the program.

The new Trailblazers will receive training to become expert communicators, excel in media interviews and understand how to build confidence in beef-related practices when talking to consumers. Throughout the year, Trailblazers will receive advanced training from subject matter experts, learning how to effectively engage on various social media platforms, interact with the media, and enhance public speaking skills.

Colt Coffee with Coffee Cattle Company and Stockman Bank says he’s hoping to develop communication and leadership skills to help improve the public’s perception of the cattle industry.

“I think that the biggest issue is controlling the narrative… I think that’s one thing that us as industry could do better is trying to get our faces out, get our programs out in public, and have society see us as who we really are, rather than what our opposition or what our opponents would like us to be portrayed as.”

Colt and Rocky are also participants in the Montana Stockgrowers Association M-Bar Leadership academy, an 18-month leadership program that develops leadership skills, industry knowledge, and expertise for Stockgrowers Members to use in their careers, for public service and the cattle industry.

Colt says the M-Bar program has been an amazing experience that has helped propel him towards more professional engagement.

” …It certainly gave me the ambition and kind of lit a fire under me to do more and be more involved.”

Hear Colt’s comments on Northern Ag Network’s podcast here.

Northern Ag Network On Demand

Chandler Mulvaney, director of grassroots advocacy and spokesperson development at NCBA says the Trailblazers program received more than double the applicants compared to last year from 18 states.

“The newly selected cohort will join efforts with previous Trailblazers, building community, providing opportunities for mentorship, and collaborating with other experienced grassroots advocates.”

The other members of the second cohort of spokespeople include:

  • Tucker Brown, Texas
  • Sam Cossio, Washington
  • Allison Fender, California
  • Macey Hurst, Missouri
  • Joe Lowe, Kentucky
  • Erin Perkins, New York
  • Paige Schmidt, Kansas
  • Ally Spears, Texas

For more information on the Trailblazers program and other beef advocacy efforts, contact Chandler Mulvaney at

For more information about the MSGA M-Bar Leadership academy visit


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