U.S. Online Grocery Retail Market Worth $26.87 Billion by 2025


The U.S. online grocery retail market size is expected to reach $26.87 billion by 2025. The growth of the market is attributed to increasing adoption of advanced technology, access to high speed Internet, and easy online availability of various products. According to data by Hexa Research, the rising number of online grocery shoppers is expected to further drive market expansion.

Millennials constitute the largest consumer group in U.S. population and they form the largest working population group in the country. The study shows that they prefer convenient shopping options when it comes to grocery. This factor is driving the growth of the online grocery retailing market in U.S. Moreover, most millennials are tech-savvy and prefer online grocery shopping as it provides them with hassle-free check out and payment services. Weekly discounts and offers are luring millennials into spending online.

Meanwhile, innovative packaging and marketing strategies are attracting millennials to spend more on online grocery products in U.S. Durable packaging is a necessity for robust supply chain. However, retailers are coupling durability with design to attract a large customer base.

The report shows that organic and natural foods are gaining popularity among consumers. Retailers are focusing on product lines to fulfill the changing needs of health-conscious consumers.

Source: USAgNet

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