U.S. Tractor Sales Up 11{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} in November


Source: Agri Marketing magazine 


According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers' monthly “Flash Report,” the sales of all tractors in the U.S. for November 2012 were up 11{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} compared to the same month last year. 


For the year 2012, a total of 167,377 tractors were sold, which compares to 152,106 sold through November 2011. 


For the month, two-wheel-drive smaller tractor (under 40 HP) were up 2{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} from last year, and 40 & under 100 HP were up 21{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}. Sales of two-wheel-drive 100+ HP were up 9{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} from last year, and four-wheel-drive tractors were up 30{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} for the month. 


For the first eleven months, two-wheel drive smaller tractors (under 40 HP) are up 9{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} from last year, while 40 & under 100 HP are up 9{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}. Sales of 2-wheel drive 100+ HP are up 15{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}, while 4-Wheel Drive tractors are up 13{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} for the year. 


Combine sales were up 1{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} for the month. Sales of combines for the first eleven months totaled 8,896, a decrease of 0.7{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} over the same period in 2011.




Source:  Agri Marketing magazine

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