U.S. Winter Wheat Condition Continues to Decline


In their final weekly crop report of the year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed that the condition of the nation's winter wheat crop is continuing to worsen.  Twenty-six percent of the crop is now rated poor to very-poor.  This is a drop of two percentage points from the previous week.


In our region, Montana is fairing much better than the national average.  Only 9{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the winter wheat is seeing that poor to very-poor rating.  South Dakota is far worse off than the national number with 64{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the crop receiving that rating.  Wyoming, as has been the case all fall, sits between those two states with 37{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the crop rated poor to very-poor.



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Haylie Shipp





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