US Corn Harvest 41{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} Ahead of Average


At a time when only 38{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the corn has normally been harvested, farmers in the U.S. are flying by the average.  They’ve now reached a whopping 79{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} complete as drought has pushed the harvest ahead.


Soybeans are also well ahead of schedule with the harvest 71{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} complete compared to a 58{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} average.


According to numbers out from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, 71{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the nation’s winter wheat crop had been planted as of this past Sunday.  That’s spot-on with the five-year average and a touch ahead of where we were last year.  However, things are a little bit behind in our region.


In Montana, 74{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of the winter wheat has been planted compared to last year’s 83{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} and the five-year average of 89{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}.  Twenty-five percent of the crop has emerged.  Read full report…


In Wyoming, 93{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of winter wheat had emerged as of this past Sunday.  That is down barely from last year’s 94{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} and the five-year average of 94{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}.  Read full report…


In South Dakota, 77{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} of winter wheat has been seeded.  This compares to 90{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} at this time in 2011 and the five-year average of 91{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05}.  Eleven percent of the crop has emerged.  Read full report…


In North Dakota, there isn’t enough winter wheat production for USDA NASS to report numbers.  Sixty-eight percent of sugrabeets are lifted.  This is compared to just 49{8a1275384cb93b18aa3d41af404144e37302a793dec468d70d54c97b65cfac05} at this time last year but is close to the five-year average.  Read full report…




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