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USDA is seeking nominations for four vacancies to serve on the American Lamb Board starting in 2020 – a producer with less than 100 lambs, a producer with more than 500 lambs, an at-large feeder and a first handler (processor).

The American Lamb Board, established in 2002, is a national promotion, research and information organization (national checkoff program) whose purpose is to increase awareness and demand for American Lamb and increase the value of American Lamb for all segments of the industry.  The Board is appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and represents all sectors of the industry. The work of the American Lamb Board is overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the board’s programs are supported and implemented by the staff in Denver, Colorado.

The 13-member board represents all sectors of the industry – six producers, three feeders, one seedstock producer and three first handlers. The Board also represents all geographic regions and sizes of production.

Your current Board Members are:

Dale Thorne, Feeder (Term 2014- 2019)
Jim Percival, Producer (Term 2014-2019)
David Quam, Producer (Term 2015-2020)
Elizabeth Dressler, First Handler (Term 2015-2020)
Peter Camino, Feeder (Term 2018-2020)
Sally Scholle, Producer (Term 2018-2020)
Greg Deakin, Seedstock (Term 2018-2020)
Tom Colyer, Producer (Term 2016-2021)
Diane Peavey, Producer (Term 2014-2019)
Greg Ahart, First Handler (Term 2017-2019)
Gwendolyn Kitzan, Producer (Term 2016- 2021)
Brad Anderson, First Handler (Term 2016-2021)
Rob Rule, Feeder (Term 2019-2021)

Board members are appointed to serve three-year terms and are eligible to be re-appointed to a second term. Board Members are nominated by the industry and appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.  Any producers, feeder, first handler or seedstock producer within the US that owns or purchases lambs many be considered for nomination. Candidates must be nominated by a USDA Certified Nominating Organizations and the deadline for nominations is May 1, 2019. Click here for a list of certified nominating organizations.

The Secretary of Agriculture review all of the nomination forms and applications and appoints the Board Members for all national checkoff programs.  Newly appointed Board Members will be sworn in at the Jan 2020 Annual convention in Scottsdale.

“Serving on the Board has expanded my understanding of other sectors, industry issues and consumer trends and marketing strategies.  I encourage industry members to get involved and would especially like to see more young producers serve who represent the future of our industry and our millennial consumer base,” Chairman Dale Thorne said.

The Secretary of Agriculture works to ensure that the board represents the diversity of the American Lamb Industry including age, sex, race, and size of operation. The success of the American Lamb Board is dependent on the diverse expertise and experience of the board members, who set the organizations strategies and policies, ensure that checkoff funds are allocated according to industry needs and priorities, and ensure that the industry gets a good return on its investment.

The American Lamb Board meets three times a year plus monthly conference calls and has three committees – Research, Marketing and Industry Outreach. Board responsibilities include:

1.    Make decisions with the entire lamb industry in mind and work collaboratively with other Board Members.

2.    Set policies that guide the organization.

3.    Develop strategies outlining the long-range goals for the US lamb industry’s growth and development.

4.    Ensure that assessments are collected and that income is being spent responsibly.

5.    Serve as a spokesperson for the American Lamb Board to increase industry awareness of lamb checkoff programs, strategies and resources.

For more information about serving on the American Lamb Board visit


American Lamb Board

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