USDA Reports 2023 Wheat Production Up 10%

by Colter Brown

USDA’s Small Grains Summary is always a highly anticipated report in the wheat industry. Unfortunately, it contributed to a sharp drop off in the market as it reported all wheat production up 10 percent from last year, more than the industry expected.

All wheat planted equaled 49.58 million acres and harvested acres came in at 37.27 million acres. Harvested acres are up 1.78 million acres from a year ago.

Hard red winter wheat production came in at 601 million acres, up 18 million acres from expectations and 70 million bushels higher than a year ago.

Soft red winter wheat production is forecast at 449 million bushels, up 9 billion from the pre-report forecast.

Spring wheat production was reported at 504.9 million bushels, also above pre-report expectations. Spring wheat acreage planted was 11.2 million acres and harvested acres came in at 10.99 million acres.

Durum wheat production was 59.3 million bushels and yield came in at 37 bushels per acre. Planted durum acreage was 1.68 million acres and harvested acres were 1.6 million.

Oat production was estimated at 57 million bushels, one percent lower than 2022 totals. USDA estimated the yield at 68.6 bushels an acre, 3.8 bushels higher than the previous year. Barley production hit 185 million bushels; six percent higher than in 2022, and yield was 72.4 bushels an acre.

Montana Production

In Montana, growers were happy to finally see improved production after widespread drought the past two years.

All wheat production in Montana, estimated at 186.71 million bushels, is up 34 percent from 2022, and 85 percent above 2021. All wheat yield was 37.2 bushels per acre, up 8.9 bushels from a year ago.

Winter wheat producers seeded 1.85 million acres in the fall of 2022 for harvest in 2023, down from the 2.05 million acres seeded for the previous year’s crop. Area harvested for grain decreased 120,000 acres from last year to 1.68 million acres in 2023. Winter wheat production is estimated at 85.68 million bushels, up 44 percent from the 59.40 million-bushel crop produced last year. Winter wheat yield, at 51.0 bushels per acre, is up 18.0 bushels from last year. This equals the record high yield established in 2020.

Spring wheat seedings, at 2.70 million acres, are unchanged from last year. Area harvested totaled 2.67 million acres, up from 2.44 million acres harvested last year. Spring wheat production is estimated at 80.10 million bushels, up 31 percent from the 61.00-million-bushel crop produced last year. Spring wheat yield, at 30.0 bushels per acre, is up 5.0 bushels from last year.

Durum wheat seedings, at 705,000 acres, are down 5,000 acres from last year. Harvested area totaled 675,000 acres, unchanged from the acreage harvested last year. Durum wheat production is estimated at 20.93 million bushels, up 11 percent from the 18.90-million-bushel crop produced last year. Durum wheat yield, at 31.0 bushels per acre, is up 3.0 bushels from last year.

Montana barley producers seeded 1.19 million acres in 2023, up 150,000 acres or 14 percent from last year. This represents the largest barley seeded area in Montana since 2000. Harvested area, at 1.02 acres, is up 165,000 acres from 2022. This represents the largest harvested area in Montana since 1998. Barley yield, at 49.0 bushels per acre, is up 8.0 bushels from last year. Barley production is estimated at 49.74 million bushels, up 43 percent from the 34.85 million bushel crop produced in 2022.



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